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Types of Casinos in North Carolina

In North Carolina there are two Native American casinos. Both of these Indian casinos are affiliated with the Eastern Band of Cherokee Native Americans and both offer live tables games as well as electronic games, such as slot machines.

Harrah’s Cherokee Valley River Casino & Hotel, located near Murphy, North Carolina opened on September 28, 2015. The 50,000 square foot casino floor features over 1,000 slots and video poker machines. 777 Casino Parkway, Murphy, NC 28906 The Westin Charlotte 601 South College Street, Charlotte, NC 28202 Tribal Casino Gaming Enterprise 163 Childrens Home Rd, Cherokee, NC 28719 Caesars Southern Indiana 11999 Casino Center Drive, Elizabeth, IN 47117. Map showing location of casinos in North Carolina with hotel room discounts and information on slot machines, blackjack, craps and poker plus amenities like casino entertainment, golf, hotel spas casino.

A third Indian casino is expected to open in late 2021, but it is subject to a series of legal challenges and the project may be halted.

Below is a list of the two North Carolina Indian casinos. Click on the name of a casino to see a page of detailed information about it.

  • Catawba Two Kings Casino ResortEXPECTED TO OPEN LATE 2021

Want to See a Map of all casinos in North Carolina?

Visit our North Carolina casinos map page to see a detailed map showing all casinos in that state.

Details on Indian Casinos in North Carolina

Both casinos in North Carolina are open 24 hours and offer live blackjack, roulette, craps and video poker, as well as traditional slot machines. Some other games offered include: let it ride, mini-baccarat, Mississippi stud, poker, and three card poker.

There are no casinos in Charlotte, North Carolina, and there are no casinos in Raleigh, North Carolina. The closest casino to both of these popular cities would be Harrah’s Cherokee which is more than 300 miles from Raleigh, NC and 180 miles from Charlotte, NC.

North Carolina Sports Betting

Legislation has been passed to allow legal sports betting in North Carolina. However, as of September, 2020, it had not yet been operational at any casinos. Be sure to check each individual casino’s listing page to see when it offers sports betting.

Slot Machine Payback Percentages at North Carolina Indian Casinos

According to North Carolina gaming law, casinos are not required to release information on their electronic games payback percentages. Though, according to the terms of their compact with the state, their video machines are required to have a minimum return of 83%, and a maximum return of 98%.

Casinos In North Carolina Near Me Phone Number

While North Carolina Casinos are not legally required to release their slot machine payback statistics, many other states require the slot machine payback statistics for that particular state’s casinos to be released to the public. Click here to see a list of slot machine payback statistics for all U.S. casinos

Planning a visit to North Carolina casinos?

For more information on visiting the casinos in North Carolina, or for other general tourism information, call the state’s division of travel & tourism at (800) 847-4862 or go to:

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The state of North Carolina is a great destination for visitors at any time of the year as it offers theme parks, museums, iconic buildings, and year-round outdoor activities. You can visit mountains in the high country to go tubing,or skiing during the winter months, and you can go hiking when the weather warms up. The state also has a great history and is filled with many historical landmarks to explore. Some of the best things to do in North Carolina are listed below.

Explore the Biltmore Estate

This private home in Asheville is considered the largest private estate in the U.S. and a great place to visit while in North Carolina. Built between 1889 and 1895, the mansion can be found in the center of 8,000 acres of land. At over 150,000 square feet and 250 rooms, it is the largest privately owned home in the country. After you have explored the mansion, you can then stroll around the gardens and farm.

The closest casino to this attraction is Harrah’s Cherokee Casino.

Go sightseeing at Morehead Planetarium and Science Center

This center can be found at the University of North Carolina in the heart of Chapel Hill. This center has attracted over seven million guests since it was opened in 1949. It features over 15 temporary planetarium shows which include fun and educational topics like Galileo, black holes, and astronauts. There are also permanent exhibits in the center which feature topics like the history of the planetarium as a training center for astronauts. Some of the highlights of the planetarium are Water in Our World and Firsts in Flight.

The closest casino to this attraction is Harrah’s Cherokee Casino.

Visit the USS North Carolina

This battleship joined the American fleet during World War II and was among the first 10 battleships to do so. This ship is well armed with about 29 guns in various shapes and sizes. The ship has now retired and you can explore it by taking a tour of the ship, including access to the officers’ quarters and the mess hall. You can also head to the upper deck where you can get close to those powerful weapons.

The closest casino to this attraction is Harrah’s Cherokee Casino.

Wander around Linville Gorge and Falls

This is the Grand Canyon of the East and it is the deepest and among the most panoramic gorges in the eastern U.S. It can be found in Pisgah National Forest and the Linville River passes through the gorge at Linville Falls which drop 90 feet. The gorge then continues for 12 miles around steep rock walls. You can gain access via the Blue Ridge Parkway at Milepost 316 whre you can then explore it further on a 1.6-mile round-trip hike. You should also visit the Linville Falls Visitor Center which is close to the lovely Duggers Creek Falls. Some of the other nearby attractions that you can visit are: Crabtree Falls, Hawksbill Mountain, and Table Rock Mountain.

The closest casino to this attraction is Harrah’s Cherokee Casino.

Go sightseeing at North Carolina Aquarium

Casinos In North Carolina Near Me Location

The aquarium has four coastal locations which are Fort Fisher, Roanoke Island, Jennette’s Pier, and Pine Knoll Shores. Although Jennette’s Pier cannot be considered an actual aquarium, it offers stunning views of marine animals, such as humpback whales, in their natural habitat. You can then head to the Roanoke Island location which is not far from Jennette’s Pier and there you will see the largest collection of sharks in the state. You are going to learn about diverse marine life in the state at Pine Knoll Shores while you will learn more about freshwater streams, swamps, and open ocean of Cape Fear at Fort Fisher.

The closest casino to this attraction is Harrah’s Cherokee Casino.

Visit North Carolina Zoo

This zoo is a family-friendly destination that houses over 1,600 animals and 52,000 plants. The zoo is located in Asheboro and you will find animals from different continents like Africa, North America, and Asia. When you are exploring the exhibits of the zoo you will notice that all of the enclosed animal areas are designed to look like natural habitats. Some of the animals you will see here are elephants, ostriches, chimps, rhinos, giraffes, alligators, bison, grizzly bears, and bobcats.

The closest casino to this attraction is Harrah’s Cherokee Casino.

Explore the Chimney Rock State Park

This fascinating natural attraction, located 25 miles southeast of Asheville, North Carolina, is home to a mesmerizing 2,200-foot high granite spire. The best thing about the park is that it has an elevator within the mountain which makes it easy to get to the summit. You will also find many walking trails that you can explore.

The closest casino to this attraction is Harrah’s Cherokee Casino.

How many casinos are in North Carolina?

There are currently 2 casinos located in North Carolina. • Harrah’s Cherokee Casino • Harrah’s Cherokee Valley River Casino & Hotel

What is the gambling age in North Carolina?

In North Carolina, the minimum gambling age is 21 years old.

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Blackjack is one of the most popular games in the casino. Each Player’s wager is a bet against the Dealer’s hand. The object of this card game is to have the total point value of the cards dealt to you exceed the point value of the Dealer’s hand without going over 21. If you draw cards that total more than 21, your hand breaks and you will automatically lose.
The Dealer starts the game by dealing two cards face up to each Player. The Dealer takes one card face up. The Dealer’s second card is dealt face down and placed underneath the first card. All cards shall be dealt from a dealing “shoe.” Each card assumes the value of the card shown. Kings, Queens and Jacks count as 10. The Ace counts either as 1 or 11, whichever you choose. If you feel you need additional cards to beat the Dealer, you gesture one at a time for additional cards (called “hits”) until you decide to stand. A Dealer must draw on any point total of 16 or less and must stand on any point total of 17 or more. If a Dealer’s point total exceeds 21, all Players win who have a point total of 21 or less. Otherwise, the Dealer pays all hands that exceed the Dealer’s point total, takes all bets that are less and leaves (“pushes”) all bets that equal the Dealer’s point total. All winning bets are paid one-to-one. However, if your initial two cards total 21, you have a Blackjack and will be paid at 3 to 2.

Example: a $20.00 bet will win $30.00.
The game of Blackjack is not a guessing game! There is always a correct decision that the player should make on every hand that is dealt. I will show you how to play like most of the professionals do, no guessing, simply learn and use the basic strategy chart that is included in my Blackjack lesson booklet.


Craps is a fast moving exciting game played on a large table that offers a variety of bets on the layout. Each bet is dependent upon the point value of the uppermost side of two dice that have come to rest after having been thrown by a player or “shooter”. The heart of the game of Craps is the pass line bet. If you make a bet on the pass line and the first roll of the dice (known as the “come out roll”) is a 7 or 11, you win automatically. If a 2, 3 or 12 is rolled, you “crap out” or lose. Any other number rolled (i.e., 4,5,6,8,9, or 10) becomes the pass line “point”. Pass line bets win if the shooter rolls the point before rolling a 7. If a 7 is rolled prior to the point being made, the shooter “sevens out” and the pass line bettors lose. The shooter continues to roll the dice until he or she sevens out, where upon the dice pass to the next player. You need not be the shooter to make a pass line bet. There are more than a dozen different bets available on a Craps layout but some of those bets should never be made. I will show you the best bets to make.


Roulette is a fascinating game that provides exciting action with its spinning wheel and bouncing white ball. Roulette offers a variety of bets, straight up on one number, combination of numbers, Red or Black, Odd or Even, High or Low, Dozens & Columns. You play with your own distinct colored chips that are good only at the table where they were issued the value of which is established by the amount of your “buy in.” You also may play with house chips such as $1, $5 or $25 chips. Each betting cycle begins with the Dealer spinning a small white ball in the opposite direction of the turning Roulette wheel. Bets may be placed until the Dealer announces no more bets. When the ball comes to rest, the Dealer points out the winning number, and winning bets are paid.
The exact placement of the chips determines the bet being made. Each player is responsible for the correct positioning of his or her wager on the layout regardless of whether the bet is placed by the Dealer. In all Atlantic City casinos, if the ball comes to rest in a zero (0) or double zero (00), players wagering on any even money bets shall lose only half of their bet.


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