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Why Play Probability Games On Mobile?

Probability casinos are all about mobile; from smartphones to iPhones, it’s focus has always been on providing UK casino players with the best possible experience on the go.

Starting in this business since before Steve Jobs had a funny idea about a simple shiny little gadget, as a casino software they are a dinosaur on the scene. This has lead to a dual edge sword in it’s casino slots.

On one hand, they are only mobile. That’s their focus and that’s where they will be. So their mobile casino games generally work amazing on all devices known to man.

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On the other, they’ve kept to the mantra of simplicity, forgetting about the more advanced and technologically savvy tablets and iPads, where it’s OK to have a little more complication.

All in all however, you can’t get more reliable slot games and as all their mobile casinos are linked in a vast network, it means good jackpots and constant prizes and giveaways – as well as some nice little no deposit bonuses.

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Probability Mobile Games Screenshots

Probability Casino Software Overview

Considering how long this casino game software provider has been around, you’d think it would be as well known as Microgaming or even NetEnt. They started back in 2003 and in 2004 launched their first set of mobile lottery games. These had two ‘radical’ concepts never seen before in online gambling.

First, players would be able to deposit money in to their accounts via their phone bill. Secondly they would only be able to play the games via their mobile phone and not online via PC.

Now we need to point out that the height of gaming for 2004 games was Snake and flip phones were cool. Think about that for a minute before you dismiss the above statement as being pretty standard. The iPhone didn’t make it to the scene until 2007. That makes Probability games the rebels who saw the potential in phones before you knew what a touch screen was.

Which is ironic, as now they seem to be stuck a little in the past.

Sticking to what they do best

Which means sticking to the smaller mobile screen. When Android smartphones and iPhone casinos hit the scene, Probability jumped at the chance to show off their years of experience.

They created casino games for mobile that simply work. They kept with their two original theories of what players want, especially when it comes to slot machines.

  1. Probability mobile slots work better with fewer features than online
  2. The best paytables provide a winning experience in fewer plays

What does this mean for mobile slot casino player?

Well theory one make sense in theory, but we generally disagree. When you have a smaller screen, yeah you don’t want a thousand fiddly buttons, but if NetEnt can make the Cartman from South Park jump accross the screen as he shoots hippies… a little more interaction wouldn’t go amiss with the Probability slots.

On the other hand, if you like simple, easy slots to play, then these are the ones for you.

The second theory about paytables is a little more complex, but this one we can see the logic. In land-based or online casinos you have more time to play. You sit, you chill, you take your time to get that jackpot.

When playing on a Probability mobile phone casino they figure you don’t have time. You’re taking a five minute break at work, or commuting on the bus, or needing bathroom entertainment. So the paytable reflects that, giving you wins more frequently in a small space of time.

Not to say those wins are always great, but that adrenaline hit comes quicker, though the jackpot amounts do not always match some of the bigger softwares out there because of it.

What about Tablets? Or other casino games?

This is a good news / bad news scenario. On one hand you can play all their games on tablet. Hurray! On the other, their casino and platform is definitely tailored for the smaller screen. You can’t avoid it, even the layout of Probability mobile casinos like can look a little naff on the bigger screens.

However, they do have a range of blackjack, roulette and even bingo. So they cover most of the major games you can play at a casino. Many of the slots, and the roulette, are HD enabled, meaning they look brilliant on iPads and tablet casinos. With the roulette you can even pick to play either the European version (better odds) or the American version (worse odds).

Choice is good after all.

Probability Casinos No Deposit Bonus, Prizes, Raffles and Offers

Notice how we always seems to start with ‘this isn’t so great but…’? That’s the thing with this casino games software provider. Because it’s been around for so long, it’s kinda set in its ways, but always trying to find other ways to out do it’s competition.

For example, mobile casinos with Probability games do not let you to free play and test the goods. So if you want to see if you truly like the games, you’ll have to deposit cold hard cash.

On the other hand, finding a Probability casino free money no deposit bonus is as easy as pie. They all have them, for exactly that reason: so you can test the game for yourself with real money.

Equally the welcome bonus also tends to be generous once you deposit, giving you multiple reload bonuses to keep you playing. The wagering is a little high in our books, but with most of the games starting at about 1 in cash per bet, if you do manage to get a nice win, clearing the wagering is quite possible.

Monthly giveaways

On top of which, they love lavish giveaways. In the past we’ve seen them give away trips to Las Vegas, expensive Rolex, Formula one experiences, not to mention smaller consolation prizes like iPads, handbags and Lazy Boy chairs.

And because all the casinos are on the same network, you have as good a chance to win when you play at one casino as you do with any of the rest.

It also means you get as many welcome bonuses as there are casinos, because they are all more or less, the same. So register to each one, see which gives you the most luck, and get playing.


  • All the the casinos are the same; take the free money welcome bonus across all
  • HD Roulette and HD slots
  • All games work great across a variety of devices
  • Quick big hits of wins for small, simple play time
  • Network of Jackpot slots going into the tens of thousands in cash
  • Pay using your BT phone bill
  • Simple, easy to use, smartphone interface


  • All the Probability casino sites are the same: variety would be nice as you can only find their games.
  • UK players only accepted as per their licence
  • No online games, purely mobile
  • Simpler video slots than you might be use to if you’re of the NetEnt generation
  • Fairly basic mobile casinos that lacks impact on Tablets and iPads

The House Edge

Probability casino no deposit bonuses

This is the most important issue associated with odds. The casino has administrative costs to meet and needs to make a profit for the investors. This is achieved by offering odds to players that are lower than fair odds. House edge arises from this. The exact definition of house edge is the percent of a wager that goes to the casino in the long run. In some games like roulette and craps the house edge is easy to calculate. In many casino games like blackjack and slot machines the house edge is determined through simulation.

We illustrate the calculation of house edge through the Any Seven bet in craps. The bet wins if the total on the two dice is 7 and loses otherwise.

A 7 can be rolled in six ways out of the total 36 combinations possible. Therefore the probability of rolling a 7 is 6/36 or 1/6. Most casinos offer a payout of 4 to 1 for this bet. Assuming a player bets $1 for six successive Any Seven bets. He will expect to win once and lose five times and will do so in the long run. At the end of the cycle he will win $4 and lose $5. From a total investment of $6 his net loss is $1. If the odds were fair (in this case 5 to 1) he would not have lost anything. Hence the house edge for this bet is 1/6 or 16.67%.

It is not possible to calculate the house edge for every bet.

$200 No Deposit Casino Codes

The sample list below will help you in selecting casino games and bets. Bets with lower house edges are obviously better:

Blackjack: 0.5%. Will vary marginally based on variant.

Probability Casino No Deposit Bonuses

Video Poker: 0.5%. Will vary marginally based on variant.

Casino No Deposit Usa

Baccarat Banker Hand: 1%

Craps Pass Bet: 1.4%

Real Money No Deposit Casinos

European Roulette (all bets): 2.7% Noble casino no deposit coupon code.

Slot Machines: 5%. This is an average figure. There can be considerable variation.

American Roulette (all bets): 5.3%

Craps Any Seven: 16.7%