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The registration can be done online or at the nearest IDP IELTS branch. The IELTS on a computer offers multiple sessions up to 7 days a week. While candidates can book 4 dates in a month for paper-based mode. Check below the steps to follow for IDP IELTS Booking-1st Step: Slot Booking.

Do you have some questions about your upcoming IELTS Test? ILSC is here to help! We’re happy to present the latest entry in our IELTS FAQ Series, where you’ll find the answers you’re looking for about the IELTS Speaking Test.

The IELTS Speaking Test

Question 1: Can I choose the day and time of my speaking test?

Typically, speaking tests are held in the afternoon of your test day, following the written portions of the IELTS Test. You will be assigned a timeslot in advance.

It is possible to accommodate requests for the time and day of speaking tests if it is scheduled on a different day than the test. You can make this request by contacting the IELTS Test Centre by the Monday before the test.

Ielts Slot Booking

IELTS Speaking tests take 11–14 minutes and are carried out in an interview style with a live examiner. Check out these helpful methods for preparing for the speaking test.

Question 2: What time will my speaking test be held?

The speaking portion of the IELTS Test is normally held in the afternoon after the written portion, though it is possible for the speaking test to be scheduled on a different day from your written test. If this is the case, you will be informed in advance.

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Normally, there will be a break between the written and speaking test. The length of your break will depend on what time your speaking slot is scheduled for. The first interviews for the speaking test begin at the below times.

  • New York: 12:30pm
  • San Francisco: 1:00pm
  • Vancouver: 1:15pm
  • Montréal: 1:20pm
  • Toronto, North York, Thunder Bay, Mississauga, Scarborough: 1:40pm

Question 3: Can I change my speaking test time?

The IELTS test is planned and finalized by the Monday before the test date and no changes can be made to the speaking test schedule after this time.

How can i know nearest ielts slots

If you contact the Test Administrator before the Monday preceding the test, requests for changes to your speaking test slot will be considered.

Ielts Slots Usa

It will not be possible to change the date of your speaking test if it is on the same day as the written components of the test. In this case, changes to the speaking time slot on the day of the IELTS Test will be considered if they are requested by the Monday before the test.

How Can I Know Nearest Ielts Slot Machine

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How Can I Know Nearest Ielts Slotomania