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To find a slot car raceway or club track NEAR YOU, fill in YOUR address OR zip code below (or any address, OR state, OR zip code near where you are searching), select the mileage radius to search (suggest 100), and click on the “Search” button. The worlds largest distributor of slot car parts and accessories for 1:24 and 1:32 scale commercial tracks. Exclusive casino no deposit 2020.

  1. Auto World Slotcars - Electric slot cars, sets accessories
  2. Bad L Hobby - HO scale slotcars, sets, accessories
  3. THE FRAY - The Fray in Ferndale is an HO slot car race that was started in 1997, by Rick Phillis and Bob Marketos.
  4. Henry Harnish - 1962 Grand National Champion
  5. JAG Hobbies - HO Slot Cars n more..
  6. Jsquaredinc - Where only our passion is out of scale.
  7. Lucky Bob’s Slot Cars - HO slotcars, birthday & scout parties
  8. Max Trax Racing - Manufacturers of 1/64 Scale Tracks
  9. MEV Tjets - MEV originals epoxy resin HO slotcars
  10. Micromark - Small tool specialists for hobbiests
  11. Miniature Motorways - Slotcar racing for any size party
  12. Model MHO - New line of Model Motoring HO slot cars
  13. Modelmotorist.com - Where only our passion is out of scale.
  14. Nassau Hobby - The best since 1946 - 13 West Merrick Road in Freeport New York 11520 (516)-378-9594
  15. NPC Hobbies - Large selection of HO, 1/32, & 1/24 scale
  16. Road Race Replicas - HO resin replacement parts
  17. SlotCarCentral - Where Tens of Thousands of H.O.'s Reside
  18. SlotsnStuff - Purchase HO slot cars & bodies (Web Site)
  19. SlotsnStuff - Purchase HO slot cars & bodies (Ebay Store)
  20. Testors - Paints, air brushes, tools & supplies for the hobbyist

My son and I collect EVERYTHING Slot cars and ANYTHING in other old toys. Iam looking for slot cars of any kind or condition.
If you don't know what a slot car is here is a brief description.

Electric model car controlled remotely with a rheostat style controller.Slot cars run on a slot car track. They are steered and powered by thegroove in the slot car track that the slot cars guide pin or guide shoerides in.They come in 3 basic sizes. HO scale are the size of matchbox or hotwheelscars. About 2 or 3 inches long. 1/32 scale are around 5 to 7 inches long.1/24 scale are around 7 to 10 inches long.
There have been many different manufactures of slot cars. Slot cars havebeen made since the early 1960s until present day.
Some of the manufactures of slot cars are AMT, Atlas, Aurora, Bachmann, Cox,Faller, K&B, MPC, Tyco
(Click here to view some examples of slot cars)

I am interested in buying and trading for ANY TYPE of slot cars. I will buyone car or whole collections. It does not matter what condition that yourcars are in. You may have cars that you feel are not valuable and could beVERY valuable.
Please contact me and let me tell you what your cars are worth. And if youare interested in selling let me tell you what I can offer you for them.


Ho Scale Slot Cars For Sale Near Me

Paul The Slotcarguy
[email protected]

Vintage Slot Cars Ho Scale

P.S. I am also interested in ALL old TOYS of any Kind. So let me know whatother old toys you have.