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  • Finding a poker tournament near either is not always easy. That's why we decided to take care of it for you. By clicking on 'Click to Locate Closest Casinos', a list of establishments will be proposed, from the nearest to the most remote. In this list, you will find exclusively casinos offering Texas Hold'em.
  • There are six casinos altogether, with more than 7,200 machines and 400 table games with more than 17 different types of table games, including 100 for poker alone, as well as the world's largest.
Players enjoy No Player Collection* on every hand and the Pair Plus bet. Table open 24/7
Three Card Poker is an exciting game where you use 3 cards to make a poker hand, instead of 5. We also show one of the Player/Dealer's cards, which is something many other casinos don't do.
Other casinos charge you $0.50, $1.00, $2.00 or more on every hand as a player.

Miami club casino 20 no deposit. You'll pay No Player Collection* to play a hand of any amount at our Three Card Poker table as a player.

Our table is open 24/7, come down knowing your favorite Three Card Poker game is waiting for you.
There is also an optional Pair Plus bet where you could win 200 to 1 for a Mini Royal! Now offering the Six Card Bonus where you use any combination of your three cards and the Player/Dealer's three cards to make a five-card poker hand for even bigger bonuses such as 1000 to 1 for a five card royal flush!
I love playing three card poker here. Best casino around for three card.

If you find yourself wondering where to find video poker games near where you
live, you probably aren’t alone. Luckily, there are resources to help you and
ways to go about finding the best games in your vicinity. Because of the nature
of video poker, it’s crucial to know where the games that bring you the most
positive returns are in your neck of the woods.

Video poker might just be the ultimate casino game. Certainly, the people who
play it with regularity, either in the casino or on
top gambling websites, would make
that argument. There is a reason why it’s sometimes hard to find a machine that
you want in the casino of your choice on a busy evening.

But the tricky thing about video poker is that it might actually be wise to
go looking beyond the closest casino. There are many different variations of
video poker. And although many of those games play the same way, there are
subtle differences that affect the amount of payback you can reasonably expect
from each one.

That is why it’s important to know just what kind of video poker games are in
the area near you. On the one hand, it’s good to know the big picture in terms
of how many machines can be found in a specific casino. You might also want to
know where to find a specific kind of machine that you like to play.

On top of that, online video poker has become so popular that it further
confuses the search for the best games. With so many websites from which to
choose, it’s easy to get lost and miss out on the games you really love. But you
shouldn’t settle, not when failing to find the most lucrative machines can end
up costing you money, especially if you plan to play video poker over a long
stretch of time.

In the following article, we will look into the best ways of figuring out
where to find the best video poker games near you. We will also talk about why
it’s so important to hone in on certain types of video poker over others. And
we’ll also look at the world of online video poker and where to start when
you’re looking for the best games in that realm.

Why It’s Important to Look for Specific Video Poker Games

Video poker combines many of the best aspects of table games and slot
machines. It’s like a slot machine in that it can be played solo, without any
help or bother from casino employees or patrons. You can play it at your own
pace and, like slots, it doesn’t take much effort to learn how to play it.

But, like table games, it shares the notion of the player helping to
determine the outcome. Slot machines only require luck while you watch the reels
spin. But video poker incorporates strategy into the mix, as you have to decide
which cards to hold out of your original five-card deal and which should be
discarded for others.

Casino Near Me Poker Game

If that sounds like Five Card Draw poker, you’re right; video poker is
essentially a simulation of that popular game. But video poker doesn’t require
you to top anyone else. You just have to make a hand that is a winner according
to the pay table on the machine.

The rarer the hand, the more the pay table awards you in conjunction with
what you wagered. But not all pay tables are the same, both in terms of the
winning hands that pay out and how much those hands pay. Because of this, video
poker games tend to differ in terms of the expected outcome.

This expected outcome is measured in the payback percentage. Each video poker
and the pay table it contains has a payback percentage attached to it.
The higher the percentage, which can be achieved by the player who makes all the
right decisions, the more lucrative the game will be, on average, to the player.

Top Tip

Slot machines tend to come in somewhere in the
neighborhood of 92% payback. But even the lowest-paying video poker games tend
to top 95%. The highest-paying, meanwhile, can come in around 99% or even
slightly above 100%.

Most casino games come attached with something called the house edge, which
is a measurement of how much of an advantage that the casino, or house, has over
players. If there was no house edge, casinos would quickly go out of business
because gamblers would win all their money. It’s a part of the equation that
most gamblers just have to accept.

But a payback percentage of 99% means that the house edge is almost
non-existent. And a payback percentage of 100% or over means that the house edge
is eliminated and that gamblers have a better chance than not of leaving a
session at that video poker machine with a profit. That is one of the reasons
why savvy gamblers love video poker.

Yet you can’t have that advantage if you are playing variations and pay
tables that don’t reach those heights. That is why you shouldn’t be that
concerned about how much video poker you can find at a specific establishment.
You should instead be worrying about where the best games are located.

Finding Specific Video Poker Games

Video Poker Casinos and Locations

We also offer listings by major casino destination in the United States. This listing might (at first glance) seem incomplete, but it’s not. Many states don’t offer video poker because of their laws about gambling.

Atlantic City Video Poker

Atlantic City has 8 casinos, all of which offer video poker games. The casinos have between a dozen and two dozen different games with between 20-100 machines.

Arizona Video Poker

Arizona is home to 22 casinos, which are scattered throughout the state. There are over 300 machines on those casino floors.

California Video Poker

This state has more video poker games than most. California boasts of 44 casinos and over 1600 video poker machines.

Canada Video Poker

We’ve lumped Canada in as if it were another state or city. You won’t find a lot of casinos there, but there are a few, and they offer a few video poker machines.

Colorado Video Poker

Colorado is probably better known for skiing, but the state does have a couple of dozen casinos and close to 500 video poker machines throughout the state.

Connecticut Video Poker

Connecticut only has two casinos, but they’re both huge resort style properties with copious amounts of VP machines.

Florida Video Poker

Florida has 17 casinos and over 600 VP machines.

Illinois Video Poker

Illinois has 11 casinos and 550+ VP machines.

Indiana Video Poker

The home of John Mellencamp and David Letterman is also home to 15 casinos and over 400 video poker games.

Iowa Video Poker

Iowa’s casino scene continues to grow, and they now have almost two dozen casinos offering video poker games.

Kansas Video Poker

Kansas only has 4 casinos, but they each have a machines equipped with nice selections of VP games.

Las Vegas Video Poker

This is the premier destination for VP players, no matter where you are. If you choose the right casinos in Las Vegas, you can get the best pay tables in the world.

Louisiana Video Poker

Louisiana is home to the riverboat casino, and you’ll find 19 of them here. Plenty of games to choose from, too.

Maryland Video Poker

Maryland only has a half dozen casinos, the largest of which has 60 different machines available.

Michigan Video Poker

Michigan now has 17 different casinos with over 700 video poker machines on the floors there.

Minnesota Video Poker

Most of the machines in Minnesota are in two casinos: The Grand Casino Hinckley and Mystic Lake Casino Hotel.

Mississippi Video Poker

Most of the casinos are in Biloxi, which is Mississippi’s hotbed of gambling. The state has almost two dozen casinos and over 400 machines.

Missouri Video PokerLive poker near me

There are currently dozens of casinos with an average of over 50 machines per property.

Nevada Video Poker

Of course, Las Vegas and Reno are both in the state, so it should be no surprise that there are lots of options. In fact, you’ll find over 250 different casinos in the state.

New Mexico Video Poker

The state only has 15 casinos with an average of less than a dozen machines in each casino.

New York Video Poker

New York only has 7 casinos, but many of them are large and have lots of games and machines to choose from.

North Carolina Video Poker

You’ll find two Harrahs properties there, both of which have a smattering of video poker games.

Ohio Video Poker

Ohio’s another state with only a handful (4) casinos, but they’re larger properties with a good selection of games.

Oklahoma Video Poker

Tribal casinos have really taken off in Oklahoma over the last decade or so. With 22 casino in the state, you’d expect to see more than 290 VP games.

Pennsylvania Video Poker

A dozen casinos with an average of close to 50 machines per property.

Wisconsin Video Poker

Wisconsin has a 13 casinos with over 200 different machines in the state.

The Process of Finding the Best Video Poker Games Near Me

Your first goal is to identify which games are the best. We strongly
recommend that you check out our video poker section to get you started. You
will find everything you need to know.

First of all, we will explain how to play the game and how the pay tables and
payback percentages work in much more in-depth fashion than we do here. More
importantly, we have pages devoted to all of the specific variations of video
poker that might be available to you either online or in actual casinos.

By going through these specific pages, you can learn all you need to know
about how each game is played, what the best strategies for winning are, and
what the benefits and drawbacks for each game might be. On top of all that, we
go over the pay tables and payback percentages, so you can see how each game
stacks up compared to other video poker games like it.

By doing this, you’ll be able to specify which video poker games are ones
that you’ll want to seek out. You can then start the process of finding these
specific games and, in conjunction with that, the most lucrative pay tables that
might be attached to those games.

The Best Resources for Locating Video Poker Games Near Me

It’s important to know how to find the best video poker games near you. You
can’t just wander into a casino and hope that a machine that pays better than
100% will just be sitting there waiting for you. Just as you wouldn’t try to
find some far-off place without a GPS, by the same token, you shouldn’t try to
find your favorite video poker game without first consulting these resources.


This is a website that is devoted to helping video poker players find their
favorite games. You can search by a particular game, by a specific casino, or
even by region. It’s updated pretty regularly which means that you can generally
trust that the information included is reliable.

vpFREE2 really stands out if you want
to know exactly where to find a specific game. It will even give you the
whereabouts on the premises where you can find it.

If there is a negative to the site, it’s that it could discourage you
somewhat to find out that some of the premium games are much harder to locate
than those that pay less. But if nothing else, the site will provide you with a
kind of guide to get you to the machines you really want to play. Whether you
can make it there is another story.

Free Casino Poker Games Online

This site doesn’t go into as much detail as vpFREE2 does about the
whereabouts of certain video poker machines and pay tables. As a matter of fact,
you will only find how many of a particular game is located in a state. It
doesn’t distinguish between the pay tables, meaning that all variations of a
particular game like Jacks or Better or Deuces Wild are lumped together,
regardless of which is most beneficial to you.

But is a great place
to start for the beginner who is just finding their way with the game. That’s
because it allows you to play many of the most popular video poker variations
for free on their site. Although you generally can’t win any money this way, you
can conceivably win a bit from contests they have on the site.

What you can do with is try out a game that you might not have
yet considered. If you find out that it’s a game that you prefer, you can then
follow it up to see if it’s located in your state or one nearby. If nothing
else, it will give you a place to start when you begin your search for the best
video poker games online.

Casino Directories

If you’re more interested in video poker in general and not so much worried
about playing a specific game, you can simply look at the big picture. By that,
we mean that you should simply look for casinos nearest you. Most casinos have
ample video poker machines with a pretty wide selection.

This method isn’t highly recommended if you’re concerned about your profits.
But if you’re a person who really wants to maximize your winnings, you should be
trying to hone in on specific games. And the directories won’t help you too much
on that front.

Locating Online Video Poker Games

The good news about locating video poker games is that you don’t necessarily
have to be physically near them to play some of your favorite games. Internet video poker is a popular pastime on online casino sites. You can simply fire
up your favorite mobile device, such as a tablet, smartphone, or your computer,
and you can be playing without having to travel at all.

In the case of video poker games online, it’s simply a matter of doing an
online search of the game in question. All of the sites that offer it will pop
up, and you can choose from them.

We would recommend that you don’t simply hop on the first site that you see.

Instead, you should be aware of the bonuses that they offer you for signing
up to play. That should actually be the deciding factor, along with making sure
that the pay table is to your liking.

Bonuses will be much more of a factor when finding video poker games online.
That’s because you are less likely to locate games that will give you high
payback percentages. You will need to find the best free play offers to help
make up for the negative expectation inherent in some of the pay tables that you
come upon online.


Free Casino Poker Games Download

When trying to find out where the best video poker games near you might be,
you really have to do a little research. It might be more of a hassle than just
heading into the nearest casino and simply firing up the first machine that you
can find. But the extra effort will make a huge difference in your chances of
actually making money playing video poker.