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Best Bingo hall in Las Vegas!

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  1. Classic Bingo: Club M ® Bingo. Tuesday Mornings Open to All 18+ Guests. Matinee Sessions. Matinee Bingo Program. Monday - Friday 11:30 am - Sales Open 12:15 and 2:15 pm - Early Birds 12:30 pm and 2:30 pm - Regular Sessions. Evening Sessions. Evening Bingo Program. 5:30 pm - Sales Open 6:30 pm - Early Birds 7:00 pm - Warm-Ups 7:30 pm - Regular.
  2. If you would like to be scam then this is the Place they will take your money and set the machines every day on who they would like to win i will be calling the bingo commission so that they can investigate this place it's a big scam. If you just like to give you money away then this is the place the manager Cheryl is so rude this place is ran by a computer they type in who they what to win.

Enjoy your favorite game with a new layout and unique packages. Click here to view: Matinee Program. Monday – Thursday Evening Program. Weekend Evening Program. View the November Bingo Calendar here. View the December Bingo Calendar – Page 1, Page 2 Bonanza jackpot is currently over $20,000! Earn points just for playing.

The ladies that work the bingo hall in the evening are so wonderful, went to a day session twice and the ladies were horrible, rude and nasty. Will not be back for day sessions again.


The best bingo hall of all times! The ladies on staff at the 9pm, 11pm sessions are amazing and friendly and fun. Day shift, not so much.

my stance has changed, BINGO is for both young and old! (above 21, of course. you'll get carded.)

According to suppliers, purple is the favorite ink color in daubers used by Las Vegas Bingo players.

Monday nights Karate Karaoke. Tuesday Drag Queen Bingo! Awesome time to had..

Great local bar. Fun drag show on Sunday and don't miss Bingo on Tuesday!

An absolute blast! Friendly bartenders, inexpensive drinks, good music

A very nice and hip room to play bingo!!!! Club gold casino no deposit codes 2018. Count me in!!!!

Sportsbook has rows of comfortable leather couches. Great atmosphere for sporting events!

Hole up in the expansive Whiskey Suite, where you'll find all the comforts of home, including four LCD TVs, stereo system, video projector, and full-service wet bar. You know, like at home.

Best place to play bingo. Never busy at the 11pm session.

Nice and comfortable atmosphere. Airy with high ceiling and comfortable seating while Gaming. I think and many say Teresa the beverage server best in all Nevada, ever.

Casino Bingo Hall Near Me All You Can Eat

I hate bingo!

Awesome hotel. Far from the strip and downtown but excellent service, amenities. Great if you want to go to Vegas and avoid the noise. Very impressed. Great price/quality.

Casino Bingo Halls Near Me

If you're in town, catch Punk Rock Bingo on the 1st Wed of every month. @jenocide and SwingShift SideShow will amaze you as you play some pretty hard core BINGO!

Interplanetary abstract. Urban decay. The Anti-Vegas. Double Down is indeed a clubhouse for the lunatic fringe.

Amazing venue with a great line up of DJs; world class clubbing experience. Saw bingo players there - guestlist line up is not too bad either.

Crispy duck salad, dumpling assortment, merlot beef and silver cod with some Hakka noodles. Best menu choices.

Yummy salmon fillet and spaghetti bolognese! Great chef too ( Rudy)!

Great place to eat. 2nd time here this week. Nice view of strip.

Casino bingo hall near me all you can eat

Casino Bingo Hall Near Me Zip

Try the grilled shrimp on the stone. Super yummy! :)